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Affordable Traffic & DUI Defense Lawyers

At ElimiTix, you can hire an experienced traffic ticket and drunk driving defense lawyer for as a low as $49 to defend any type of traffic ticket. We are experienced attorneys dealing with cases involving drunk driving, DUI, suspended license, license restoration, and all traffic tickets (including speeding, red lights, illegal turns, failure to signal, and accidents) in the Detroit, MI area. Hire ElimiTix today by simply taking a picture of your ticket and completing the required fields under the “hire us” tab. In almost all cases, your court appearance is not required. Let an experienced Detroit lawyer prevent the expense of points raising your insurance premiums. We are so confident we can save you from receiving points, that we offer our “No Point Promise.” In most situations, if you hire ElimiTix and receive points at your court hearing, we will refund you your money. And with ElimiTix you won’t have to attend traffic school. So don’t waste your time in court or risk increased insurance premiums. Call us at 1(844) ZERO-TIX or upload your ticket today!


Drunk Driving

Have you been charged with a DUI? We offer experienced DUI defense ! Call (844) ZERO-TIX!


No Points Promise

At Elimitix, we offer our no points promise a traffic civil infractions. (Restrictions Apply). Call us now for more details.


License restoration

Is your license currently revoked or suspended? We can help! Call us at (844) ZERO-TIX!

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